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Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage

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Yoni Massage purposes to release depression, stress, emotions, trauma, blockages or negative energy of any kind. Yoni Massage cures all muscle and tissue in the body which hold memory, emotions and trauma causing blockages. We provide Yoni Massage at your Doorstep.

Yoni Massage unblocks the blockages can lead to lack of sensation, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, infertility, and even cancer. Also certain areas hold certain emotions. Like:

  • The clitoris can hold nervous energy, distrust, impatience and clenching.
  • Vaginal lips can hold fear of opening up, shame, and a desire to hide.
  • The perineum may deal with a difficulty in letting go or numbness.
  • The G-spot (female prostate) may hold blocked energy from faking orgasm, performance anxiety, or feeling inadequate
  • The vaginal canal can hold anger, neediness. or trauma from childbirth, abortions, or miscarriages.

All of these blockages can contribute to impaired feelings of pleasure, and can even affect your everyday lives. Blockages in the Root Chakra can make you feel disconnected to our bodies, the earth or our lives. You feel unbalanced, or not grounded. It may also cause to be fearful, especially of finances, and the unknown or change. Many suffer from depression or lack of motivation when this Chakra is blocked. A Yoni massage is a gentle circular massage with fingers working gradually all around the outside and inside of the Yoni. This is done until every bit of the Yoni is massaged and cleared of any blockages.
A Yoni massage integrates seamlessly into your ‘soft as a whisper’ Massage so there is no need to feel nervous or shy. The body is beautiful, each and every inch thirsts for the same attention. You will feel it as a natural part of the massage and in so doing will your body and your mind infusion is melded ever so beautifully together bringing your entire being pure relaxation and ecstasy.
The goal of the Yoni massage is not solely to achieve orgasm, although orgasm is often a pleasant and welcome side effect. The goal of Yoni massage can be as simple as to pleasure and massage the Yoni. Yoni Massage also includes cunnilingus so from this perspective you can relax, enjoy and do not have to worry about achieving any particular goal. When orgasm does occur it is usually more expanded, more intense and more satisfying and to enjoy the massage and to relax into yourself.
Literally meaning "Sacred Door from Heaven". In Tantra, the vagina is the worshiped sacred part of the female body, which must be treated with care and respect. The Yoni massage is a sensuous form of bodywork to build trust to your inner sensual nature resulting in a feeling of complete well-being, satisfaction, and contentment.
Although the Yoni massage can be extremely stimulating, the purpose is not to bring the woman to orgasm. Rather, it is to relax and to bring emotions to the surface so that you are free to express your natural, powerful, orgasmic nature. The experiences and feelings that a woman may have during the Yoni massage can be very different, ranging from anger, lust, sadness, or even indifference. The Yoni massage is not about focusing on a special kind of feeling or fulfilling a particular expectation. The idea is simply to witness to you and to honor and respect your feminine nature as a divine Goddess.