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Astral Projection (OOBE)

Astral Projection (OOBE)

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Astral projection is can be understood as out-of -body experience that is achieved either during sleep, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, deep meditation or conscious projection. When Astral being done the consciousness leaves the physical body and moves into the Astral or Etheric body in order to experience and learn. Sometimes you feel that you remain attached to your physical body via the 'silver umbilical cord' and sometimes you feel completely free

The practice of Astral Travel has been around for ancient age, dating back to ancient China, it is a natural thing to do. Astral is required a training by a trained Master.

During Astral travel our spirit or Astral Body travels away from the physical body into the higher dimensions, of either the astral plane or we can say, the spirit world. Experiencing projection helps touch on life itself and gives us a glimpse into what happens after physical death. Through visiting other dimensions we are able to have teachings from spiritual teachers and thus gain wisdom to help during our physical lives.

AAdiís SPA is now offering the great and extinct opportunity to learn and experience the Astral Projection in INDIA by great Masters. No! itís not required any long term Yoga or meditation, but just proper concentration and following the Mastering technics.

So Come learn and feel the real spiritual world and find its purposes for your life!!!!