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Tantra Ritual

Tantra Ritual

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Experience the greatest spiritual touch of your inner soul with our best practiced Technics of tantra. Feel the divinity of your inner existence and realize the "Parmananda".

Yes, "Permananda". The feeling of Goddess into your inner space. Realizing the beauty of this universe. Touching the boundaries of your physical spirituality. Flying over the waves of your inner divinity.

what we can explain is All these with values less words. Because it is unexplainable beyond the line of self control, self decisions. But however it feels its unique and everlasting experience of the inner existence of your own.

Now, AAdi Spa presents a very great opportunity to recognise the real feeling of spirituality and divinity of your inner soul.

Process and Description

Tantric Ritual is the deepest touch of spiritual feelings. It is not a Massage but a feather like fondling touch. It, like other tantric sessions, works on stimulation but takes little longer time than other therapies. Process is at very first to create an aroma for ritual like preparing a temporary temple by red cotton clothes. The temporary temple gives the feeling of spirituality and then the therapist says her some basic verses and explains the concept of divinity so that she finds comfort to enter into the session. For the further processes. It include body to body touch and as she get arousal, he concentrate towards the stimulating points like nipples and the yoni temple. We all have tantric pressure points so also have an scale of stimulation. When we do sex.... our stimulation just reach to the almost half of this scale. Tantric lets us to go beyond that half but almost full, and as soon as we reach to the top most point of our stimulation. U get the different but similar to deep relaxing feeling in orgasm. Which is called in our regular words.. The state of Parmananda the State of eternal Joy.

Tantric can be done with penetration too... but we do not provide penetration, so we manipulate your penetration requirement towards your orgasm. Tantric is touch technic on your tantric pressure points to make you feel better joy than regular sex. As we mentioned above that "Sex is just half way of Ritual, None tries to go beyond."