Terms of Service

Please be updated with below Terms of Service which you have to strictly follow and failing which a criminal proceeding may start against you

  1. You will not use any instrument or mobile devices for recording purposes.
  2. There should be no other person, male or female, hidden or unhidden, in the room during the session.
  3. You will not do any inhuman activity / physical or mental torture to the therapist.
  4. You will not perform or encourage for any illegal activity during the session.
  5. You will not compel the therapist for any act for which s/he is not ready.
  6. You will not allowed to drink, smoke or drug before or during the session. if found, the session will be cancelled.
  7. You will pay the session amount in full (subject to applicable discount/advance payment) to the Therapist in cash without any argument.

I hope you have no issues in the above terms. You will be asked to upload your one of Govt. provided ID so that we find it secure session for both of us.
You can provide the PAN, Driving Licence, Passport, Aadhar ID.

You will be asked to pay 25% or more to pay for the confirmation of your Booking.

Please click on "I accept the terms" to proceed for the booking.